Implementing a Quality Management System during Start-Up

Staffing, supplier selection, regulatory compliance, and yes, acquiring customers and making actual product that meets their needs are just a sample of the checklist items a new organization must complete during start-up.

Implementation of a formal Quality Management System (QMS) during start-up can significantly improve an organization’s chances of long-term surival  But, where do you start?  Which elements should be implemented first?  Document control? Corrective action? Quality policy?  Can a QMS add value early-on without complete buy-in from Senior Management?

We invite you to share your stories, suggestions, stumbling blocks, and questions for implementing a QMS in a new organization.

Five Keys to Better Data

Added Five Keys to obtaining better data for decision making to the Training Library.

Change Ability

Great article on behavioral changes of individuals needed for organizational change:

Great Opportunity

This fall I begin my two-year term as Chair of the Hudson-Mohawk Section of the American Society for Quality.  Serving the Capital District of New York (Albany and the surrounding ‘Tech Valley), we provide networking, professional development, training, and certification services for our members and the community.  I look forward to working with the Executive Board and our membership.  Please join us every 3rd Thursday at one of our Professional Development Meetings.   For additional information, go to