Customer Satisfaction & Quality Improvement

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Quality is the science of creating and retaining satisfied customers.  Increase your value by utilizing tools to solve recurring quality problems or customer complaints.  Develop flexible management systems yielding products and services that consistently meet or exceed the customer’s requirements.

We provide training and consulting in:

Improvement Tools – Add problem solving, process improvement, and team facilitation tools to your toolbox.  Utilize the Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) continuous improvement cycle, value-stream mapping, and analysis and graphical presentation of data to achieve your organizational goals.
Quality Management Systems – Develop and implement policies and procedures that ensure products and services are delivered per customer requirements.  Incorporate customer feedback and customer usage data into the product development process.  Conduct International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9001:2008 QMS assessments and prepare for formal certification.
Document Management Systems – Ensure that staff have access to and utilize the most up-to-date procedures, work instructions and forms. Develop a system by which policies are reviewed and maintained to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.
Voice of the Customer - Run designed experiments to optimize product formula and process settings.  Implement focus groups and satisfaction surveys to align product and service attributes with customer behavior and language.  Develop procedures for effective complaint resolution and service recovery post-sale.