What We Do

Valuability was founded in 2011 by Dave Tomasky with the goal of helping organizations improve their performance and increase the long-term value of their products and services to the communities they serve.

We accomplish this by working with organizations of all shapes and sizes in four areas:

Data-Driven Decision MakingMeasure the things that matter the most and use the data you already have to reduce the likelihood of making bad decisions.
Collecting, analyzing, and presenting data
Designed experiments
Process monitoring and outcomes measurement (e.g. Balanced Scorecard)
Response surface methodology (RSM)
Statistical process control (SPC)

Customer Satisfaction & Quality ImprovementDevelop robust management systems yielding products and services that consistently meet or exceed the customer’s requirements.
Customer complaint resolution
Customer satisfaction surveys
Document control and management systems
Equipment validation
ISO 9001:2008 quality management system audits and registration preparation
Plan-Do-Study-Sct (PDSA) continuous improvement system
Policy, procedure, and work instruction development
Problem solving
Process capability
Quality improvement teams and tools

Lean & Systems Thinking -  Minimize the waste of valuable resources while accomplishing more in less time. 
Business continuity
Reducing sources of process waste (MUDA and 6S)
Stakeholder impact assessments using ISO 26000 Guidelines

Mission Excellence Establish a culture of excellence that promotes courage, rewards creativity, and enables continuous learning throughout the entire organization. Understand how well your organization fulfills its Mission and enables it to meet the long-term needs of the communities it serves.
Mission, policy, and practice alignment
Outcome marketing
Employee loyalty, motivation and satisfaction
Improvement teams